Rainy, windy, foggy. Talk about a gloomy homecoming.

The Missouri State football Bears hosted No. 11 Northern Iowa for a crowd of 6,583. Most of the crowd left after halftime and missed Missouri State’s 29-6 loss.

The first quarter went by quick. Neither team found a flow until the second quarter. The Bears kept up their pace up for the early part of the game. Quick ball movement on short passes and quick hand offs moved the game quickly.

Northern Iowa started the second quarter on the MSU 27 and ended up with a 49-yard field goal after an illegal forward pass from UNI quarterback Will McElvain. The rest of the game was dominated by UNI.

After Missouri State went three-and-out, the Panthers got the ball back and went three-and-out themselves. But. The UNI punter placed it near the MSU 10. The punt returner went for a fair catch, but the ball hit an MSU blocker and was recovered by the Panthers. The following drive for UNI ended in another field goal, putting the lead at 6-0.

UNI kicked off and placed it at MSU’s 1-yard line. Sophomore Jacquez Carter fumbled it backward into the end zone, picked it up and attempted to run it out of the corner. He fumbled it on the 6-yard line. UNI picked it up and scored on a rushing touchdown from McElvain.

UNI scored one more TD in the second quarter to give the Panthers a 19-0 lead before the teams headed into the locker rooms.

While the teams strategized, fans trickled out after halftime festivities.

The third quarter wasn’t a pretty one for MSU’s offense. The Bears went three-and-out four times before getting a first down with less than a minute left in the quarter.

The drive continued into the fourth quarter, and the Bears scored their sole touchdown of the game on a connection between senior QB Peyton Huslig and senior wide receiver Antwan Woods. This was the sixth game this season Missouri State was held scoreless in the third quarter.

No other score in the fourth quarter ensured the 29-6 loss and MSU’s 1-6 season — the 10th straight losing season for MSU.

The Bears are at home next week against South Dakota State on Saturday, Nov. 2.

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