Emelie Orlando Set

Then-junior Emelie Orlando sets the ball during an October 2019 game against the Bradley Braves.

This past Sunday afternoon officially marked the start of the fall 2020 volleyball season for the MSU Bears. 

Their opening game against the Little Rock Trojans ended with a victory, winning by the score 3-0. The win came not even 24 hours after they defeated the Trojans in a preseason exhibition game 3-0. New head coach Steven McRoberts said he was pleased with the Bears’ performance in the exhibition game.

“I’m happy with our performance today,” McRoberts said in a press release. “We were very consistent in our serve and pass game. Brooklyn (Cink) and Amelia (Flynn) did a tremendous job on the left side. It was a good day of training, and the hope is that we come back and execute even better tomorrow.” 

The highlights of Sunday’s game came from not just one, but multiple players on the team. Sophomore Azyah Green blocked crucial shots to keep the lead as the Trojans attempted a comeback. Freshman Lindsay Lahr added two kills to the team and Cink also put up a career-high as she finished with a total of 20 kills and 10 points. 

“It’s always nice to get that first win, especially when it’s your first match on the road,” said McRoberts in the press release. “We learned a lot about our team as we played through some good and bad throughout the match. A huge positive was our resilience. We were down four points in the second set, never panicked and started to put together some plays to help us finish off a tight set with a win.” 

The Bears’ next game will be at home against Central Arkansas on Oct. 3.