The Missouri State women's soccer team has one more game in the fall season on Sunday, Nov. 1.

The Missouri State women’s soccer team played their second-to-last game of the fall against Missouri Southern, winning 2-0.

The Bears and the Lions took the field, and the first 10 minutes went by with both teams scoreless. At 24:17, sophomore midfielder Bella Bryson was injured. Senior midfield Jordan Eickleman was substituted in. 

Minutes passed by in the match. A total of six shots were made by Missouri State and four shots by Missouri Southern, but none found the back of the net. The first half came to an end with teams tied 0-0.

The second period then began. Less than five minutes into the half, the Bears were taking as many opportunities to score as possible, especially junior forward Kate Schroeder. Missouri Southern then went for a goal, but freshman goalkeeper Camielle Day saved every shot. 

With 17:17 left of the game, freshman forward Ingrid Perkins took a chance and turned it into a goal. Eickleman assisted the goal. The Bears took the lead 1-0. 

With her and Eickleman’s performance, Perkins said she is very pleased with the results and the impact of the goal on herself and her team. 

“It was great," Perkins said. "It was the first goal of my college career, and it was an exhilarating feeling to score that goal. It was such a great moment for the whole team because it acted as giving us an opportunity to keep going.”

At 16:33 left in the game, junior defender Isabelle Burke took a corner kick and turned it into a goal with assist from junior midfielder Jacqueline Baetz, making the score 2-0.

The clock flew by, Missouri Southern was trying for a goal but Missouri State keeping their defense going until the clock ran out. 

Though the team had a win for the night, head coach Rob Brewer still thinks the game itself could’ve been a bit better. 

“I think our players maybe thought it wasn’t going to be a tough match, but it turned out to be a pretty good challenge,” Brewer said. That’s all we’re looking for. We want to play against good teams because we know we will down the road. I think dusting off a little bit of rust, execute a little better, the game could’ve been more comfortable. It’s just a part of the going process.”

Missouri State is scheduled to play Missouri Southern once again on Sunday, Nov. 1.