Sophomore Maddie Augustine sprints to the ball. Missouri State women's soccer tied with Missouri Southern in double overtime on Nov. 1.

The Missouri State women’s soccer team tied its last fall game against Missouri Southern State.

The first period started off, and both teams were scoreless after the first ten minutes of the game. At 38:43, the Lions went for a shot, but the goal was saved by freshman goalkeeper Camielle Day.

A corner kick was then attempted by Missouri Southern, but the shot missed. Back-to-back passes were made from both teams as the clock continued to run. At 21:05, Missouri Southern midfielder Meredith Belrose scored an unassisted goal, making the game 1-0 in favor of MSSU. 

After the goal, adjustments were made by head coach Rob Brewer. Junior forward Kate Schroeder and junior midfielder Sierra Fury subbed in.

Missouri State tried to take advantage of corner kicks to tie the game, but both kicks missed the net. The first half came to an end with the score 1-0. 

The second period then began. The team took more attempts to get the ball in the net but were unable to score. A second adjustment was made from the Bears. Freshman midfielder Abby Couch and freshman midfielder Dragana Andonovski were subbed in.

At 28:53 a corner kick was attempted but missed by Missouri State. Minutes after the corner kick at 19:02, Andonovski scored unassisted. The game was tied at 1-1. 

With Andonovski’s performance and first goal of the game, she said she is quite pleased with how she went in and tied the game.

“It was a great feeling,” Andonovski said. “I was glad I was able to go in there and produce something other than a loss for my team.” 

The second half came to an end tied 1-1.

The game went into two overtime periods. Both overtime periods were filled with defense, offense and shots from both teams. No one scored, and the game ended in a tie.

With this game being the last fall game for the Missouri State women’s soccer team, Brewer said he is not necessarily upset, but he wants the mistakes that have been made on the field comprehended as a learning process for the team.

“This group is special because I haven't seen anybody that I thought wasn’t giving their all in any of the games we’ve played this fall —  that’s a good sign,” Brewer said. "It helps us that we can play like that for each other, and at practice we will play like that against each other. 

With the women’s soccer team going into the spring offseason, Brewer has everything set and has a plan for the team to improve and maintain their abilities.

“I think we’ve set the foundation with this group and they’ll continue to improve," Brewer said. "We’ll be getting stronger during the offseason. I’m proud of them. I think they’ve battled through, so we’ll take a week off, get our energy back and we’ll come back and start grinding and hope to get a chance to play more matches.” 

The Missouri State women’s soccer team’s fall season record is finalized at 1-2-1, and the team is now preparing for a season in the spring.