Head coaching base salaries

The graphic shows the base salaries of head coaches of the four most popular sports at MSU. Head men’s basketball coach Dana Ford makes the most.

The four highest-paid coaches at Missouri State come from the four major sports on campus: men’s and women’s basketball, football and baseball.

Each of those coaches’ contracts come with a lot of security, guaranteeing them being under contract with the university until at least 2021.

Dana Ford, men’s basketball

Missouri State head men’s basketball coach Dana Ford signed a five-year contract on March 22, 2018, leaving Tennessee State after four years as the program’s head coach.

The Bears paid $190,500 to buyout Ford from Tennessee State.

Ford’s base salary is set at $375,000 for the first two seasons at Missouri State. The final three years, Ford will be owed $425,000 annually.

If the men’s basketball team meets or exceeds the NCAA’s Academic Progress Rate’s Multiyear Cut Score, he will be paid an additional $2,500. The NCAA APR score is a program established to track student-athletes’ chances of graduating.

Missouri State will also pay Ford $10,000 if the team finishes as Missouri Valley Conference regular-season champions or regular-season co-champions.

If he guides Missouri State to the NCAA Tournament for the first time since 1999, Ford would earn $10,000 for a tournament bid.

He would then earn an additional $20,000 for each win in the tournament. Ford would be paid $5,000 for each victory if the Bears were to make the National Invitational Tournament.

Other incentives include being paid an extra $5,000 for an MVC Coach of the Year honor. If he were to be named a national coach of the year by any reputable organization, Ford would earn an extra $20,000.

As Ford continues to try and increase fan support at games in JQH Arena, he’ll be rewarded if he accomplishes that.

He will be paid $10,000 if the average attendance is 8,000 for the team season. He will be given $20,000 if the average attendance spikes to 9,000 for a season. If the attendance grows to 10,000, he will be rewarded $30,000.

 Kellie Harper, women’s basketball

Missouri State head women’s basketball coach Kellie Harper received a new contract with the university after a trip to the NCAA Tournament two years ago.

The contract replaces the old deal Harper had, which was to run through April 2020 and paid a base salary of $230,000 per year.

The new contract resets the five-year term, ending in April 2021.

It gives a slight boost to her base salary to now $246,640 per year. 

There is also a retention incentive written into the contract, which includes a payment of $100,000 in April.

If the women’s basketball team meets or exceeds the NCAA’s Academic Progress Rate’s Multiyear Cut Score, she will be paid an additional $2,500.

Harper would also receive $10,000 if she guides the Bears to an MVC regular-season championship as well.

She could earn an additional $10,000 for winning the tournament championship.

She would also receive an extra $10,000 for earning an at-large bid, $7,500 for a first-round win and increases to $100,000 for winning a national championship.

Harper could also earn $2,500 for each game appearance in the Women’s National Invitational Tournament.

She could make $5,000 for being named the MVC Coach of the Year by the league coaches or media and/or $20,000 for being named Coach of the Year by the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association.

Her contract includes attendance incentives as well based on average attendance.

She would receive $2,500 for an average of 4,000 or more per game, $5,000 for an average of 5,000 or more, 10,000 for an average of 6,000 or more and $15,000 for an average of 7,000 or more.

Dave Steckel, football

Missouri State head football coach Dave Steckel, who initially signed a five-year contract with the university in 2014, now holds a contract that extends to January 2022.

Steckel makes a base salary of $270,000, but his financial benefits did not change after his extension was announced on June 27, 2017. He made $600,000 as Mizzou’s defensive coordinator.

If the football program meets or exceeds the NCAA Multiyear Cut Score, Steckel would be paid an additional $5,000.

If he helps lead the Bears to their first-ever MVC Conference title, he will receive $10,000.

Steckel will be paid an additional $2,500 for any season Missouri State finishes with eight wins or more in a season.

His base salary would also be increased by $25,000 if the Bears reach the FCS College Football playoffs.

He will be paid an extra $10,000 per playoff win and could earn up to 82,500 from all other incentives, which includes winning the national title, coach of the year and an increase in attendance numbers.

Keith Guttin, baseball

Missouri State longtime head baseball coach Keith Guttin, who has been with the university since 1982, recently received a new contract extension after leading the Bears to a second-consecutive NCAA Tournament.

His new contract will keep him through the 2022 season with a base salary of $113,419.

The deal carries over some details from the old contract, like extra payments Guttin will receive for specific achievements.

He could earn up to $2,500 for winning the MVC championship and $1,400 for a co-championship.

Guttin would be paid $700 for each game appearance in the NCAA baseball tournament as well as bonuses based on how far the team progressed, up to $50,000 for winning the NCAA College World Series.

Derek Shore is a Sports Reporter at The Standard. He is a junior majoring in journalism with a minor in communications. He started writing about sports for The Standard during the fall semester of 2018.

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