Throughout the 2019-2020 season, the Missouri State men’s basketball coaching staff has shown up and shown out in their Sunday best. From all-maroon suits to fancy cuff links to Cole Haan Zerogrand shoes, the Bears’ coaches know how to suit up. 

The staff didn’t disappoint for the Missouri Valley Conference Tournament. They brought their A-game. Here’s how I rank the five essential staff members for the semifinal ‘fits: 

No. 1 Jase Herl - Second-year assistant coach

Herl is the obvious winner and gets an A+ for today’s outfit choice. 

He paired slim-fit navy blue dress pants with a crisp white button. He decided to forego a tie but made up for it with a stunning jacket. 

Over the top of his shirt, Herl is wearing a dusty light blue two-button jacket with white buttons down the front, as well as on the sleeves. The white buttons are aesthetically pleasing along with the stark white shirt. 

The assistant coach accessorized his outfit with brown loafers. While loafers may not be practical for coaching a basketball game, they are beautiful to look at. 

No. 2 Dana Ford - Second-year head coach

Ford is always dressed to the nines when coaching and comes in at a very close second place. 

The second-year head coach receives an A today. 

Ford is wearing a slim-fit modern grey suit. His two-button jacket is accessorized with an Arch Madness lapel pin. He finished off his look with a dusty maroon tie, black belt and what look to be black Cole Haan Zerogrands. 

No. 3 Sheldon Everett - Second-year director of basketball operations

Everett, who may be overlooked sometimes, is standing out today. He receives an A-. 

He is wearing a classic navy suit over a light blue dress shirt. The director of basketball operations also decided to forego a tie today, but I think a necktie would have been a great addition to his look and given him a better grade. 

Everett is also sporting the Arch Madness lapel pin, as well as a brown belt and brown dress shoes. 

No. 4 Corey Gipson - Fifth-year associate head coach

I’ve seen better outfits from Gipson, so I’m slightly disappointed. He receives a B-. 

Gipson is wearing a shiny taupe suit with a white dress shirt and a plum tie. His suit is loose fitting and the tie is a tad too purple, which is where he lost me. I think a tie clip could’ve added more to his score to make up for the lost points. 

He accessorized with the lapel pin, a black pocket square and what are possibly last season’s team shoes. 

No. 5 Jake Headrick - Second-year assistant coach

Unfortunately, Headrick receives the lowest grade of the day, C. 

The assistant coach is wearing a light grey suit with a brown belt and brown shoes. Normally, I love that color combination. However, the outfit looks to be swallowing him. 

Underneath the jacket, he’s wearing a light gray-blue dress shirt. I love that he opted for a different look other than a white dress shirt. But then he added an orange tie that I cannot get on board with. 

Honorable Mention Leighton Kentwell - graduate assistant 

Today’s honorable mention goes to graduate assistant Leighton Kentwell. His look receives a B. 

Outside of the main five staff members, his outfit impressed me the most. He’s wearing dark grey slacks, a white dress shirt, and a brown belt and shoes. On top, he’s adorned with a maroon jacket and a maroon tie. 

While I love the school spirit in the maroon jacket, it doesn’t tie as well into the bottom half of his outfit. 

Overall, Missouri State’s coaches have been the best-dressed staff all weekend. My mom always told me, “Look good, play good.” Maybe that’s the Bears’ staff motto. 

Missouri State trails Valparaiso 40-38 at halftime of their Missouri Valley Conference Tournament semifinal game. Tune into CBS Sports Network to watch the second half.

Claire began as a sports reporter for The Standard in March of 2018. She covers football, baseball, and basketball. Claire is a junior at Missouri State University majoring in Communication Studies with a double minor in Journalism and Marketing.