About Us

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The Standard is the official student-run newspaper of Missouri State University. Student editors and staff members are responsible for all content. The views expressed do not represent those of the university.

First published as The Southwest Standard in January 1912, The Standard provides useful information to the MSU community, gives MSU students an opportunity to learn in a real-world, professional setting, and serves as an advertising platform for the MSU campus and the Springfield community.

The Standard has a print circulation of 5,000 and is published every Tuesday (with a few exceptions) during the fall and spring semesters. The newspaper is distributed free at more than 50 campus and downtown locations, and it's delivered to Greek houses. It is also available online at www.the-standard.org and in a digital edition at issuu.com/thestandard-msu.

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Staff Members

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Staff Members of The Standard

Editorial Staff

Greta Cross - Editor-in-Chief

Desiree Nixon - News Editor

M. Todd Dearing - Life Editor

Stephen Terrill - Sports Editor

Jaylen Early - Visual Editor

Diana Dudenhoeffer - Digital Editor


Afton Harper - Breaking News Reporter

Ash Garza - Arts Reporter

Brayden Ash - Sports Reporter

Britney Huish - Academia & Campus Clubs/Activities Reporter

Caroline Mund - Health Reporter

Cole Sutton - Sports Reporter

Jack McGee - Student Government Association Reporter

Kathryn Dolan - Environment & Sustainability Reporter

Kelsey Benack - General Assignment Reporter

Lauren Johns - Music Reporter

Molly Roeder - General Assignment Reporter

Noah Tucker - Sports Reporter

Paige Newton - Fashion & Diversity Reporter

Reginald Lee Jr. - Sports Reporter

Tinsley Merriman - Missouri State Administration Reporter

TJ Scott - Sports Reporter

Columnists & Critics

Blake Haynes - Columnist

Cole Trumble - Critic

Paige Nicewaner - Columnist

Copy Editors

Allison Davis, Copy Editor

Kaitlynne Atchley - Copy Editor

Maquelle Huntley - Copy Editor

Shannon Noonan - Copy Editor

Victoria Conaway - Copy Editor

Visual Staff

Alyssa Vandegrift - Cartoonist

Brenna Lumley - Photographer

Caleb Stafford - Graphic Designer

Jadie Arnet - Graphic Designer

Kaitlyn Stratman - Photographer

Katie Batliner - Graphic Designer

Kjella Acosta-Page - Graphic Designer

Kendra Kernel - Photographer

Lainey Sanders - Videographer

Leah Stiefermann - Photographer

Madison Harper - Graphic Designer

Russ Bray - Photographer

Sinjin Delmore - Photographer

Sydney Arlt - Graphic Designer

Jack Dimond - Faculty Adviser