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About Us

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The Standard is the official student-run newspaper of Missouri State University. Student editors and staff members are responsible for all content. The views expressed do not represent those of the university.

First published as The Southwest Standard in January 1912, The Standard provides useful information to the MSU community, gives MSU students an opportunity to learn in a real-world, professional setting, and serves as an advertising platform for the MSU campus and the Springfield community.

Until spring 2020, The Standard had a print circulation of 5,000 and was published every Tuesday during the fall and spring semesters. Since spring 2020, The Standard has published its weekly news, sports, campus life and many other types of coverage online at The Standard still prints special themed tabloids throughout the school year. You can see all the digital editions at

If this is something that you sound interested in, you can click here to JOIN THE STANDARD.

Staff Members

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Staff Members of The Standard

Editorial Staff

Diana Dudenhoeffer, Editor-in-Chief

Russ Bray, Visual Editor

Lillian Durr, Social, Political & Pop Culture Editor 

Tinsley Merriman, Campus Life Editor 

Desiree Nixon - News Editor

Stephen Terrill - Sports Editor


Lauren Johns - Music Reporter

Jade Morrow - Sports Reporter

Paige Nicewaner- Social, Political & Pop Culture Reporter

Reginald Lee Jr. - Sports Reporter

Olivia Davis - Social, Political & Pop Culture Reporter

Gianna Kelley - Social, Political & Pop Culture Reporter

Nicole Walker - Sports Reporter

TJ Scott - Sports Reporter

Makayla Strickland - Sports Reporter 

Greta Cross - Campus Life Reporter

Andrew Michael - Reporter 

Makayla Malachowski - Reporter 

Sidney Miles - Reporter 

Allie Free - Reporter 

Mariah Hunter - Reporter 

Abi Zajac - Reporter 

Casey Loving - Reporter 

Jenna Murray - Reporter 

Katie McWilliams - Reporter 

Meghan McKinney - Reporter 

Lili Hayes - Reporter 

Kate Luhmann - Reporter 

Shane Sansom - Reporter

Copy Editors

William Bohlen - Sports Copy Editor

Anna Edwards - Campus Life Copy Editor

Emily Ostmeyer - Social, Political & Pop Culture Copy Editor

Eli Slover - News Copy Editor

Visual Staff

Katie Batliner - Graphic Designer

Sinjin Delmore - Photographer

Sydney Arlt - Graphic Designer

Dorottya Faa - Illustrator

Jalen Lee - Photographer

Kelsie Belthune - Graphic Designer

Mallory Moore - Photographer

Sloane Galindo - Photographer 

Lizzie Concannon - Graphic Designer 

Chloe Gramelspacher - Graphic Designer

Noah Huttenmeyer - Graphic Designer

Jack Dimond - Faculty Adviser