Sophomore Bradley Cooper, majoring in socio-political communication and public relations, is the newly appointed student member of Missouri State University’s Board of Governors.

Cooper was appointed by Missouri Gov. Mike Parson and confirmed by the state Senate. As the student governor, Cooper said his main priority is to listen.

“With this position, I want to be in as many places as I can and just listen and hear what people are saying, and then once I've heard a lot of different perspectives, to be able to, when necessary, provide input or insight to help governors as they make decisions for our university,” Cooper said.

As a current first-year MSU student, Cooper said he is honored to be given this role at such a young age.

“I’ve been told that I am the youngest student across the state to have ever been appointed to be student governor,” Cooper said. “I think it's just a reflection of yet another piece of history-making that (Parson has) been able to do, and I’m thankful that he’s entrusted me to serve in this role.”

Cooper’s main goal as student governor is to provide a student perspective for the board and contribute to their decision-making process.

“Looking three years from now, if someone were to describe what I’d accomplished or been able to do, I’d hope at top of mind it is that whenever we needed a student perspective or whenever we needed insight on a decision, I was able to provide adequate insight into that and ease the decision-making process for them, which would create a better university for the students,” Cooper said.

As a Springfield area native, Cooper will be working with the board throughout the summer. During this time, he said he hopes to meet as many administrators as possible and continue creating important relationships.

In addition to being the new student governor and being a part of the university’s honors college, Cooper also works closely with Student Government Association.

“I spent a lot of time serving in Student Government Association as a senator,” Cooper said. “I really did a lot with that organization and love that organization dearly.”

Cooper said he is always open to all students that want to communicate with him and share their perspectives. He urges anyone to contact him with their questions or insight.

“My number one priority is to be accessible and to listen,” Cooper said. “Either through student government or through me directly, I’d love to visit with anyone who has any questions or concerns at the university and hopefully be able to just listen and learn from their perspective.”

Cooper’s term as student governor has already begun and will end on Dec. 31, 2023, or until a new appointment is made by the governor.

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