Screenshot of the information page detailing the qualifications and application process for the MoState Access Award.

The MoState Access Award will eliminate tuition and fees for incoming freshman or transfer students who are eligible for Pell Grants starting Fall 2023.

According to Missouri State University executive vice president, Zora Mulligan, the award is a result of focusing on  meeting initiatives for critical issues, specifically enrollment and admissions this year. She announced the award during the State of the University address on Oct. 3. 

“The award is intended to help students who have a financial need know that college is in reach for them, financially,” Mulligan said. “Affordability for students is a top priority. We are going to do everything we can to make students choose Missouri State.”

“New students and transfer students who are Missouri residents and are eligible for Pell Grants will be able to have the gap between their state and federal need-based aid closed so that all of their tuition and fees bill is covered,” Mulligan said.

In order to qualify for the Access Award, students need to complete their Free Application for Federal Student Aid by Feb. 1 each year.  Students who qualify must also be seeking an undergraduate degree and be enrolled full time at Missouri State. 

The award can be used for a total of eight semesters if the student continues to meet the award requirements and the university’s academic expectations. 

“The big picture of this award is that it will bring new revenue to the university if we are successful in recruiting students who have financial need,” Mulligan said. “Those students will receive Pell Grants and Access Missouri grants. Those dollars will come to the university and hopefully will cause positive net revenue.”

For more information on the award’s requirements and qualifications, visit this page.

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