Last weekend, the Missouri State Bears traveled to Iowa’s UNI-dome for what was sure to be an evenly matched game. Both teams were relying on this game to make the playoffs for this season, with MSU’s season standing at 2-4 and the UNI Panthers’ season at 3-4. 

The Bears started the first quarter with a rough few plays, with an interception and Panther touchdown in the first 5 plays. UNI followed this up by scoring a second touchdown six minutes later.

For a speedy first quarter, the score was brought to 14-0 in UNI’s favor.

The teams returned in the second quarter with a struggle on both sides before an MSU injury allowed UNI to score a field goal from the 25 yard line, which brought the score to 17-0, UNI.

The Bears made up for lost time and managed to score their first touchdown of the game, this brought the score to 17-7 UNI with 4:07 left in the second quarter.

Despite heavy pressure from the Bears in the later part of the quarter, the Panthers managed to break past the Bears’ defense and brought the score to 24-7 with 0:04 left in the half.

When the Bears returned in the second half, they drove hard and scored their second touchdown, bringing the score to 24-14 with 11:56 left in the third quarter.

Following this, UNI struggled against MSU’s defense before making another touchdown with 7:49 left in the third quarter, and brought the score to 31-14 for the rest of the quarter.

MSU struggled, in the final quarter, against numerous flags and felt the pressure of Iowa’s offense as UNI pressed through MSU’s defense to score again, which made it 38-14 with 14:56 remaining in the quarter.

The Bears came back soon after and scored once more, bringing the game to 38-20 with 9:06 remaining.

Finally, UNI kicked a 35 yard field goal at 4:22 remaining, bringing the score to  41-20. The score would remain, giving the University of Northern Iowa a victory. 

Despite Missouri State’s best efforts, the Panthers bested them through relentless running of the ball and passing long distances.

In total however, MSU  threw 151 yards worth of passes and ran 70 in rushes. Additionally, despite the interception thrown in the first quarter, MSU had 0 fumbles throughout the game.